A Century On – Scotsman Article – 16 December 2021


In December 1921 Irish elected representatives were in London negotiating the Irish Free State’s establishment. A century on SNP MPs still seek to administer the British State. Johnson should go because he’s a complete charlatan with no moral compass. His jaiket’s on a shoogly peg at Number 10 but then what?

In the 2014 referendum I joked to audiences about how my parents had loathed Ted Heath, only to become admirers of his doughty opposition to Thatcher. His war on the miners in the 1970s, benign in comparison to the full armoury of the state unleashed by his successor the following decade.

And so, it continued with Cameron taking actions that even the Iron Lady had foresworn. What next I said will it be Boris Johnson and we’ll look back at the halcyon days of David Cameron. Something said light-heartedly has in fact become tragedy.

Now, Theresa May even looks positively benevolent but who will follow when Johnson falls. It won’t be a return to the One Nation Tory grandees but a successor from the likes of Sunak, Truss or Gove. They’re equally complicit in the debacle that has unfolded and have been an integral part of the kleptocracy that Johnson has created.

For sure every opposition MP should vote for his removal but the duty of those elected on a mandate to protect Scottish interests isn’t to administer the British State but to get Scotland out of it. Only that can provide our country and its people with the protection from a continuation of the Tory line that has run and ruined our land, despite being rejected in every election since 1956.

But what do we get from the SNP representatives in London? Faux outrage, petulance and calls that the people of Scotland won’t stand for it. But the people are required to as long as their elected reps refuse to act. Meanwhile, while the Irish were designated as plenipotentiaries, SNP give themselves grandiose titles such as shadow ministers. The Irish negotiated the Free State, the SNP have gained nothing despite repeatedly claiming ad nauseum that they’re settling up, not settling down.

This charade cannot be allowed to continue. Johnson has rejected a referendum and his successor is not going to have it particularly high up his or her agenda. Scotland will still be expected to know its place and Scots just to soak it up. Opportunities pass Scotland by and many more of its citizens are impoverished, and not by accident but by design.

That’s why a convention needs called of Scottish elected representatives. To be held after May of next year, that should include not just MPs and MSPs but councillors. That should then be the basis of Scotland deciding its own future. Its deliberations can then be put to Westminster and the outcome ratified as in Ireland by a referendum.

In 1967 Winnie Ewing said, “Stop the World Scotland Wants to get on”. Sturgeon meanwhile said not so hasty. But it’s now time for action.