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Cop Out – 1st December 2022


COP27 has been and gone but did anyone notice? Even Rishi Sunak wasn’t originally going until shamed into it. I struggle to recall though what he actually did there other than show face, which may explain his original reluctance. Other international leaders equally seemed to simply jet in and jet out. All very cynical and all highly hypocritical. It simply… Read more »

Supreme Folly – 1st December 2022


The Supreme Court ruling simply confirmed the supreme folly of Nicola Sturgeons strategy. With the World Cup ongoing the closest analogy’s having your goalkeeper, in the shape of the Lord Advocate, offer a free shot into an empty net. And how the Supreme Court blootered it in. Whatever possessed her to pursue that strategy no one knows. But a cunning… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 24 November 2022


In Parliament last week I raised the issue of UK seafarers being laid off from an offshore wind farm just off our coast. The Minister seemed to be suggest that it wasn’t happening. But newspapers have confirmed that actually even more have been made redundant and in other ships.   The Tory Government say they’ll end it but that’s too late for many and lessons should have been learnt from the P and O debacle. We must benefit from this resource, not see… Read more »

The World Cup – 24 November 2022


This World Cup just isn’t for me. I say that as someone who has been a huge fan of the game and this must be the nadir of the beautiful and supposed people’s game.  Corporate greed and shameless corruption more like.    Would it be different if Scotland had qualified? A little no doubt. There would have been a bit more reason… Read more »

Unionist Arguments – 24 November 2022


There are arguments to be made against Scottish Independence, but I believe that both the opportunities that arise, never mind our peoples history mitigate against them. After all the real tragedy of Scotland’s not how bad things are, grim as they’re becoming for many, but how much better they should be, given the resource and talent available. Ireland and Norway… Read more »

Remembrance Day – 17 November 2022


The Remembrance Day Event I attended seemed busier this year, perhaps due to the unseasonal warmth, as opposed to some bitter days in years past. As ever, it was evocative and poignant, as poems were read and “The flo’ers o’ the forest” was played. Humbling and a privilege to attend. But this year I’d recently watched the Netflix remake of… Read more »



Reacting to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement Kenny MacAskill MP said: “The poor are paying the price for the follies of Tory elites.  The offerings announced today remain inadequate to address the harm already done with much worse to come. “The failure to fully compensate families facing soaring energy prices is a shameful betrayal of fuel poor Scots. When Scotland has abundant energy… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 17 November 2022


As folk struggle to heat their homes I thought I’d heard all the absurdities of an Energy Rich Scotland yet Fuel Poor Scots until I received an e mail from a sailor being made redundant. His tale encapsulates the absurdity of what’s happening to our energy resource and how neither in East Lothian nor in Scotland are we getting the… Read more »



ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP has today (Thursday) published a paper which exposes the sacking of workers in the offshore wind sector, and their replacement with cheap foreign labour which has been facilitated by the Home Office’s extension of the Offshore wind workers Immigration Rules concession 2017.  Mr MacAskill has revealed that as a result of the immigration rules concession extension at… Read more »

Offshore Exploitation – 17 November 2022


Having written extensively about the absurdity of Energy Rich Scotland yet Fuel Poor Scots, I thought I’d seen it all. But an e mail in from a concerned Scottish worker showed that not only are we losing out on the exploration of our huge natural asset, but our workers are being exploited. This sorry tale encapsulates the absurdity of giving… Read more »