Catch Up With Cancer Campaign


A number of constituents have written to me recently about unnecessary cancer deaths caused by disruptions to our health services from Coronavirus. This issue was made abundantly clear on an episode of Panorama earlier this month. It was reported that in the worst case scenario there could be up to 35,000 extra deaths from Cancer due to the pandemic.

Tackling coronavirus has had knock on effects across the health sector and delays and disruption have been serious for many. They’ve gone from the pain of toothache to much more serious delays in vital procedures especially with cancer. It must be harmful for many and worrying for their families. Lives are sadly being lost and more are threatened. Radiotherapy will be part of that.

Health is largely devolved but the issues apply as much in Scotland as south of the Border.

I have signed up as a supporter of Radiotherapy 4 Life, who are working with the #CatchupWithCancer campaign to stop unnecessary cancer deaths. I have also signed an Early Day Motion supporting the call from he campaign to get “emergency response and national effort to get all cancer services, from diagnostic through to cancer treatments and trials, back up and running with immediate effect”.

I will continue pushing this issue with colleagues at Holyrood and Westminster.