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NATO Expansion – Scotsman Article – 23 February 2022


The invasion of Ukraine’s appalling; rightly condemned and sanctions long overdue against Russian oligarchs. But there ultimately requires to be a political not military solution to avoid global catastrophe and a major part of discussions will be NATO expansion. At the heart of that’s whether Russia or the former Soviet Union were given assurances by the west that they wouldn’t… Read more »

UK Diplomacy – Scotsman Article – 17 February 2022


Bouyed by new found British exceptionalism and driven by past tales of glory, Ministers have sought to display the nations new found mettle on the international stage. Deftly forgetting the ignominious failures on trade deals for the New Global Trading Empire, they’ve embarked on major international diplomacy. What a joke?  The latest gaffe’s the Defence Secretary making comparisons on Ukraine… Read more »



GREEN FREEPORTS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A SCOTTISH MARITIME STRATEGY SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT MUST ADDRESS OWNERSHIP AND OPERATION OF SCOTS PORTS Launching a paper yesterday (Wednesday) at Rocksalt Café, 46 Constitution Street, Leith showing how the principal ports on the Forth and Clyde are owned by interests out with Scotland and where the operators busiest harbours are on the Thames and Mersey, Kenny MacAskill… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 10 February 2022


Many constituents have been in touch regarding the Prime Minister with all demanding that he should resign. I share their repugnance with his actions and agree that he should go. However, he’s proving as shameless in his denial of responsibility, as he was shameful in his behaviour during lockdown. Getting him out though isn’t straightforward though I sense he’s on… Read more »

Quebec – Scotsman Article – 10 February 2022


I was glancing at the book, The Morning After. A political ‘what if’, it asks key players what might have happened had the second Quebec referendum, held in 1995, endorsed sovereignty, rather than falling short by just 60,000 votes. As Scotland awaits Nicola Sturgeon’s mythical “gold-plated” second referendum bill, it’s relevant when she’s reduced to saying she’ll do everything she… Read more »

Keep Cal Mac – Scotsman Article – 10 February 2022


It’s all very well Nicola Sturgeon ruling out “Project Neptune” the scheme devised by high paid consultants to break up or more likely privatise the Cal Mac service. But you have to ask why was it commissioned in the first place. It’s not as if it was an iceberg looming out of the horizon. This was instructed through her government… Read more »



INDEPENDENCE NOW VITAL TO ESCAPE COST OF LIVING CRISIS Reacting to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s announcements on the cost of living today (Thursday) ALBA Party Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian Kenny MacAskill said: “The measures announced today are grossly inadequate given the real cost of living crisis facing millions of families across these islands. “Energy bills are set to… Read more »

Peace in the Ukraine – Scotsman Article – 03 February 2022


Seeking refuge from the increased bellicosity on Ukraine and indeed insanity of some in Westminster who seem to positively relish a war with Russia I looked at the website of an organisation called the American Committee for US-Russia Accord. I thought that would be interesting as I’d read how the UK was being even more bullish than the USA in… Read more »

Officers of Court – Scotsman Article – 03 February 2022


The separation of powers has been an issue in Scotland over recent years because of the Lord Advocate’s twin role of being senior government legal adviser and simultaneously head of the prosecution service. To be fair to the SNP they can say that they weren’t responsible for its creation, as it’s an historic anachronism. But they have brought it into… Read more »

Transport Priorities – Scotsman Article – 27 January 2022


Now I’m all for vision in politics. Where we want to get to and projects to work towards are essential. However, that has to be balanced with simply delivering what’s required now, especially given the harm inflicted by coronavirus. That and a sense of realism.   The SNP were right to condemn Boris’s Bridge. It was an absurdity and one… Read more »