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Muscular Unionism – 8 September 2022


The Truss camp suggestion that they may change the threshold in a future referendum may or may not come to pass. There was much playing to the gallery during the campaign. But all the same it’s indicative of an attitude of mind and a positioning towards Scotland that’s set to be intransigent at best, and more likely both combative and… Read more »

Ferry Options – 1 September 2022


Leasing the Tallink Ferry to house Ukrainian refugees in Leith’s an imaginative response to a difficult situation by the Scottish Government. Safe and secure accommodations required, and this provides it, even if it can only be for a short period of time. Having crossed the Baltic on this or a sister ship I know that the cabins are small, and… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 1 September 2022


The energy hike had been well trailed but the extent was still a shock. Many constituents have been contacting me unaware how they can meet their bills. I’ve no doubt action will be initiated when Parliament reconvenes next week. Whether it will be enough’s the issue? The energy system in the UK’s dysfunctional. Wholesale privatisation of a vital public service… Read more »

Truss Diplomacy – 1 September 2022


Just when you thought there couldn’t be anyone worse along comes Liz Truss. Poised to replace Boris Johnson she seems set to prove that the outgoing Prime Minister’s not the nadir in post holders at 10 Downing Street. It’s not just the economic policies set to crash the economy and unleash misery across the land which show that.  It’s equally… Read more »

Lord Glennie – 25 August 2022


Now I’ve been in many a court in Scotland and popped my head into a few abroad. But the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts were still news to me until I came across a story in the Irish Times in which a retired Scottish Judge was being taken to task for not just visiting but serving there.    Lord Angus… Read more »

The Nuclear Horror – 25 August 2022


It’s easy to forget the fear of nuclear war in the 1980s. The ramping up by both sides during the Cold War brought us close to disaster on several occasions. Only the courage of a few individuals and good luck saved us then, but will we be so fortunate again.   For the risks of nuclear conflict are fast coming… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 25 August 2022


Westminster’s still in recess. With the cost of living crisis and looming fuel bills there’s good reason it should’ve been recalled. In any event urgent decisions are made by Government and yet despite only being weeks away from demitting office Boris Johnson swanned off on two holidays. That’s a dereliction of duty. Major decisions are for the incoming Prime Minister… Read more »

Energy Crisis – 18 August 2022


Keith Anderson, Scottish Power’s chief executive, has now publicly voiced fears his company had been talking about privately as he spoke of the need for government action on fuel bills. They know the price hikes that are coming and can see the crisis looming. They’ll face non-payment of bills but there’ll be a much wider manifestation of societal discontent that’ll affect us… Read more »

Labours Counsel of Despair – 18 August 2022


Angela Rayner’s comments that Scottish independence would leave England “to perpetual Conservatism” were both factually inaccurate and, what’s worse, a counsel of despair. Even if every seat in Scotland had voted Labour in 2019, Johnson would have won, as Thatcher managed in her day. The problem therefore lies in England not Scotland and tactics to win there are what should… Read more »

Blowback: Manchester Arena Bombing – 11 August 2022


The Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 was yet another in a litany of terrorist atrocities. Twenty-three people were slain and the return home of the body of a young girl to Barra was haunting. Many will be aware that the bomber from Libya died at the scene and his brother was later convicted of assisting him. Case closed you might think?… Read more »