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Parliament Sleaze – Scotsman Article – 11 November 2021


Boris Johnson has certainly been damaged by his handling of the Owen Paterson scandal. How long term that’ll be is hard to say but it’s exposed the self-seeking charlatan that lies beneath the veneer of “jolly buffoonery”. Patersons crime was flagrant and the chicanery in trying to save him deplorable, it’s the cover up that gets, you as they say…. Read more »

Further Ferry Fiasco – Scotsman Article – 11 November 2021


There’s many questions arising from Scotland’s Ferry Fiasco, central to them though is why and who specified that the two vessels making slow headway in the Ferguson Yard had to be dual fuel marine diesel/ LNG. That’s at the heart of difficulties that have arisen and resulting delays.   It’s not just why when you’re hosting COP26 and trying to… Read more »

Scottish Government urged to show “courage” by introducing drug consumption rooms – Kenny MacAskill MP


Alba MP Kenny MacAskill and former Justice Secretary wants to see change from the Scottish Government and has called on them to save lives by introducing drug consumption rooms for users. The East Lothian MP made the demand after the new Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain signalled she would consider a fresh bid for a facility. Scotland has the worse drugs… Read more »



ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP has launched a scathing attack on SNP MPs at Westminster Following the passage of the deadline (Thursday 4 November) for MPs to sign the Early Day Motion (EDM) tabled by ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP and  supported by Mr MacAskill and SNP MPs Joanna Cherry QC MP and Douglas Chapman MP.  The purpose of the motion was to annul the… Read more »

Eurostar – Scotsman Article – 4 November 2021


Adverts came up on my social media timeline promoting Eurostar trains services direct from London’s St Pancras station to European cities. They looked very attractive, tempting even. I’ve been to Paris and Brussels, but I’ve never been to Antwerp a city that has long intrigued me. Besides, like many I’m beginning to develop a bit “cabin fever” from being at… Read more »

COP26 and Independence – Scotsman Article – 4 November 2021


If anything makes the case for independence its COP26, yet sadly Nicola Sturgeon’s more likely to use it kick the can down the road than to drive the cause on. After all what makes the case for Scottish powerlessness more than the gathering of the world’s great and good in Scotland’s largest city. Leaders from Nations great and small descending… Read more »

Carbon Capture Betrayal – Scotsman Article – 28 October 2021


The Tory Governments contempt for Scotland was fully displayed in their failure to support the Acorn carbon capture and storage facility at St Fergus. This wasn’t a charm offensive, or even a respect agenda. Instead, it was a “know yer place Jock, yer getting nowt” declaration. It’s a bitter blow for Scotland, not just its north east and shows that… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 22nd October 2021


Returning to Westminster this week after the conference season break, it’ll be a sombre place following the tragic death of Sir David Amess. Having only been elected in 2019 and lockdown intervening, I’ve never really had an opportunity to get to know him. But what little I saw was of an affable and decent man, with a touch of panache… Read more »

Judicial Separation – Scotsman Article – 21 October 2021


The separation of powers between executive, legislature and judiciary’s viewed as fundamental in any democracy. In Scotland the issue has more focussed on the conflict caused by the twin roles of the Lord Advocate, being senior government legal advisor and head of the prosecution service. But the wider concept’s accepted by the Scottish Government even if the First Minister’s showing… Read more »