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Policing – Scotsman Article – 14 October 2021


Policing has been under the cosh in London and in Scotland. Sarah Everard’s murder was truly shocking, serious mistakes have been made and changes there must be. That applies in Scotland as well as south of the Border, even if transgressions have been fewer and the situation less severe. But Police Scotland isn’t the Metropolitan Police. Both the scale of… Read more »

Offshore Wind – Scotsman Article – 14 October 2021


“The Saudi Arabia of wind’s” – the rhetoric, that’s even trumpeted by Boris Johnson. With Scotland possessing 25% of Europe’s offshore wind resource you’d therefore think we’d be firing on all cylinders. For sure there’s much happening with fields opening and work progressing. But for Scotland rhetoric isn’t matching reality. As I sat down to write this an e mail… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 7 October 2021


Preparations continue for the wealth that’s going to flow ashore in East Lothian from offshore wind but there’s still no sign of the county and its citizens benefiting from it. Research from the House of Commons library confirmed what I had suspected that there’s a gap in legislation. If the turbines were onshore, then community benefit would apply, and funds… Read more »

NHS Reform – Scotsman Article – 7 October 2021


A billion pounds pledged to the NHS by Nicola Sturgeon, who could possibly disagree? We want the best health service we can possibly afford. Compounding that Covid has proven costly and not just in lives, with waiting times lengthening and delays increasing. But is it all about the money? And with life expectancy increasing and pressures through the benefits of… Read more »

Direct Ferry Services – Scotsman Article – 7 October 2021


The sea can be viewed either as an obstacle to transport or a means to achieve it. For long Scotland was in the former category, building great ships and sailing the Seven Seas. Recently, though, it’s been the latter, as maritime links shrank and then the Rosyth direct service to Europe ended in 2010. But with Brexit beckoning, you’d have… Read more »



SUPREME COURT RULING: ALBA REACTION MACASKILL CONDEMNS FULL SCALE ASSAULT ON THE POWERS OF THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT TIME FOR SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT TO ACT ON INDEPENDENCE   Responding to today’s ruling by the Supreme Court ALBA Party Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP said: “ This was always going to be the outcome and is the inevitable consequence of Devolution.  It is the reason… Read more »



TIME FOR THE GREENS TO “GET REAL” AND DELIVER RENEWED FERRY LINK   FROM ROSYTH TO EUROPE SAY ALBA MPS   ALBA Party MPs Kenny MacAskill MP and Neale Hanvey MP have launched a discussion paper on the maritime opportunities for Scotland as they call on the Scottish Greens to “get real” in delivering the direct ferry link from Rosyth to Europe they promised… Read more »

Henry Dundas – Scotsman Article – 30 September 2021


Crossing St Andrews Square I saw the revised plaque to Henry Dundas. Now I’m fully supportive of change ensuring his role in slavery’s laid bare. It’s important that Scotland’s role accounted for. Hence changes are welcome. For long its simply been a man high up on a plinth, with few able to say who it was. But why’s there no… Read more »

Labour Conference – Scotsman Article – 30 September 2021


Reading Barbara Castle’s biography recently was a reminder of Labour Party conferences when they huge national events and where Scotland was a pivotal part of them. But no more, now it’s a diminished show and north of the border’s an irrelevance to most in the British Labour Party. The great debates and battles that waged within them whether between Gaitskill… Read more »