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East Lothian Courier – 09 July 2021


Behind the faux bonhomie and jocularity with Boris Johnson there lies a vicious streak. After all he was once accused by the TV interviewer Eddie Mair of being a “Nasty piece of work.” Those traits were certainly in evidence last week where his jocularity over the football was a veneer for repressive and vindictive legislation, as well as benefit changes… Read more »

Batley and Spen – Scotsman Article – 06 July 2021


It wasn’t shrieks of joy from Labour when they sneaked home last week in Batley and Spen, but sobs of relief. What’s being portrayed as some historic victory that now provides the platform for a Labour election victory’s arrent nonsense, when its actually a phyricc victory. One that simply prolongs the moment before they have address just what they’re for,… Read more »

SNP and EU – Scotsman Article – 06 July 2021


It’s one thing in politics to tell folk know what you’re against, that can be easy. It’s a completely different thing though to articulate what you’re for, as that can be complex and risk alienating those you’ve been courting. SNP policy on the EU encapsulates that.  I was happy to support their Westminster debate earlier this week condemning the UK… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 02 July 2021


Football’s coming home all right but not as hoped by some, as it’s the staggering rise in infections that’s winning. It may have been the young lads who travelled and others of all ages who gathered that’s fired it but just what did Governments both sides of the border expect would happen? When youth football was unable to resume for… Read more »

Sporting Integrity – Scotsman Article – 29 June 2021


With the Olympics coming round again I’ve been minding past moments. In particular, the 100 metres contest in 1988 that pitted the USAs Carl Lewis against Canada’s Ben Johnson. I suppose Allan Wells success at earlier games had sparked interest but, in any event, it’s one of the highlights for me. I confess to rooting for Johnson who seemed that… Read more »

Tactician Not Strategist – Scotsman Article – 29 June 2021


I’ve an old friend who spent many years in international affairs at the highest levels, often trying to broker settlements on very testing issues and mingling with all sorts of leaders. So, when he spoke I listened, and I recall him describing Nicola Sturgeon as a tactician not a strategist. By that he meant that she’s very able in setting… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 24 June 2021


It was disappointing to see East Lothian topping the coronavirus infections table last week. No doubt it was related to the football, both those that headed to London and others who simply gathered at home. Waiting at King’s Cross for the train home I saw several trains arrive from Scotland and it was a largely a new generation of the… Read more »

SNP Indy Funds – Scotsman Article – 22 June 2021


It’s no surprise that neither Police nor the Crown thought there was any criminality involved in the Indy Ref 2 funds story. Both organisations view these matters as largely internal and given the wording of what people donated to it was always unlikely. They’ll see it as being for members or the Electoral Commission. But that doesn’t mean that in… Read more »

BBC Coverage – Scotsman Article – 22 June 2021


Speaking to a friend in Ireland, I enquired about coverage of the Euros there. Ireland hasn’t qualified but interest still remains, even if not the frenzy that existed under Jack Charlton many years ago now.   But commentary’s by RTE as the national channel and panelists for pre and post match reflection are again ex or current Irish internationals, or… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 11 June 2021


Valiant attempts were made last week in Parliament to restore what had been a Tory manifesto commitment to spend 0.7% of Gross National Income on foreign aid. Those doing the orchestrating were dome dissident Tories, but I was happy to support them as I believe what they were seeking to do was right. Sadly, the amendment to a Bill which… Read more »