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East Lothian Courier – 9 August 2021


Boris Johnson’s pit closure comments last week were crass, distasteful and a distortion of history. East Lothian communities were shattered by the brutality of Thatcher’s war on the miners and many have never recovered. Where there had been employment and pride, came unemployment and despair, along with social problems like drugs and alcohol. Remember the Tories planned and prepared for… Read more »

International Exports – A Question for Ministers – 15 July 2021


My question to the Minister on international exports. Food production businesses in East Lothian face a loss of trade, challenges with customs and damage to their supply chains. What will the UK Govt do to ensure that their difficulties are minimised and support maximised. They need butter today, not a promise of jam tomorrow. 

Discretionary Business Support Grant applications now open


The Discretionary Business Support Grant, administered by East Lothian Council, is now open for applications.  The application process lasts for 6 days, so if you intend to apply, please do so as soon as is practical for you. From ELC’s website: “East Lothian Council has been awarded a share of Government funding to distribute to eligible businesses and self-employed people… Read more »

Constituency Newsletter: August Edition


The August edition of my Constituency newsletter was published today. You can read the newsletter here. Or subscribe here to receive the newsletter as an email as soon as it is published.  

Catch Up With Cancer Campaign


A number of constituents have written to me recently about unnecessary cancer deaths caused by disruptions to our health services from Coronavirus. This issue was made abundantly clear on an episode of Panorama earlier this month. It was reported that in the worst case scenario there could be up to 35,000 extra deaths from Cancer due to the pandemic. Tackling… Read more »

The Immigration Bill is Shameful


I voted against the UK Government’s Immigration Bill last night in a virtual vote in the House of Commons, however due to the Government majority, it passed by a large margin. This was a shameful action.  This vote puts us on a path which will be hugely damaging to our country, our economy and our society.  We have benefitted as… Read more »

A universal basic income can help us recover from COVID-19


I joined other MPs from across parties in signing this petition calling on the Chancellor to introduce a recovery Universal Basic Income (UBI) in response to the coronavirus crisis. This measure must form a part of our recovery plan, but personally I would also hope that it could lead to the permanent introduction of a UBI when the crisis is… Read more »