Column: Chlorinated chicken isn’t only US threat to Scottish food


In my column in the Scotsman this week I wrote about my first foray into Prime Minister’s Questions: “with fertile East Lothian priding itself on its food and drink sector, any reduction in standards is a huge threat.

“With the Tories failing to enshrine protections in the Agriculture Bill and ministers prevaricating a few days previously, I asked Boris Johnson to ensure that his US trade deal wouldn’t see chlorinated chicken on our tables along with Kentucky Fried Medicine in our hospitals. All I got was bluster about the great new dawn coming post-Brexit.

“But the threat to our food standards, as with our NHS, is real. The American food sector is raw capitalism at its worst. At every juncture there’s exploitation and a crushing of regulation, all in the interests of big business. The only real profit is made in corporate boardrooms.”

You can read the full piece at the Scotsman website here.