Column: Connections are key


In this week’s column in the East Lothian Courier I discuss our need to ‘ca’ canny’ as we head towards our new normal.

“Getting out to shops, cafes and pubs is important for wellbeing, as much as our economy. I’ve enjoyed a coffee outdoors, nattering to friends and meeting with constituents. Simple things like that which we once took for granted are to be savoured.

“But restrictions, whether in the wearing of face masks or social distancing, are also required and they need adhered to. We’ve travelled a long hard road towards recovery and we just can’t afford to throw away the gains made through all that hardship.

“Besides, the risks are too great. Not only must we protect the vulnerable, but we need to remember that it would be much worse second time around.”

You can read the full column at the East Lothian Courier website here.