Column: Grim impact of Brexit


In my column in this week’s East Lothian Courier I discuss how Brexit consequences are now being felt and they’re uniformly grim, with no redeeming features.

“Helping me with my recent flitting were two East European lads.

“Hard-working and good company, their English was impeccable and I learned not to assume all migrants from that part of the world are Polish. One was Hungarian and the other Czech, which explained why they’d be speaking English between themselves and not just as a courtesy to me. Both are settled here and one’s now married to a Scottish lass.

“I couldn’t help thinking of them when I heard the Home Secretary boast of her actions in ending free movement. These two lads, along with countless others, have come here and made this their home. They’ve added to our communities and there’s not just room but the need for more. Her hostility towards refugees is poisonous and her actions on immigration are harmful to our economy and society.”

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