Column: The tragedy of jobs lost


In my column in this week’s East Lothian Courier I discuss the pain caused by the mounting redundancies due to the economic shock of the pandemic.

“Sadly, redundancies are mounting as furlough ends. It’s a tragedy for those losing their jobs and finding another isn’t easy. They’ve often given years of dedicated service. Hopefully, the position may be restored when all this passes or another opportunity comes along.

“It’s not easy for employers either, though, even if the consequences just aren’t the same. Local businesses have been telling me of the sorrow in having to lay off staff they’ve worked with and almost considered as family. That’s never easy and yet it’s essential if the business is to survive.

“Retaining the furlough scheme was vital. Many businesses just can’t reopen. Sustaining them until this crisis passes is what’s required. They need to be in existence to reopen. If they collapse, it isn’t just jobs lost now, but forever.”

You can read the full column at the Courier’s website here.