Column: US trade deal threat is real


In my column in the East Lothian Courier I talk about the threat to Scottish Food standards in the controversial trade talks with the United States.

“Farmers and constituents have been in touch, concerned about a reduction in food standards and protections. As USA trade deal negotiations continue, I share those fears, as it threatens those working hard on the land or innovatively in our acclaimed food and drink sector.

“The American food production model isn’t one we should be following. Chlorinated chicken has caught the headlines but that’s not the worst of much that’s unpalatable over there.

“Across the Atlantic, it’s a race to the bottom in almost every aspect, other than corporate profits. Farmers have been impoverished more than ever happened in ‘dustbowl’ times. No more is the USA a land of small farmers; they’ve been wiped out by agribusiness.”

You can read the full piece at the East Lothian Courier website.