COP26 and Independence – Scotsman Article – 4 November 2021


If anything makes the case for independence its COP26, yet sadly Nicola Sturgeon’s more likely to use it kick the can down the road than to drive the cause on. After all what makes the case for Scottish powerlessness more than the gathering of the world’s great and good in Scotland’s largest city. Leaders from Nations great and small descending there to discuss the most important issue facing humanity and yet Scotland’s Government’s excluded.

For sure there’s been paid newspaper adverts and we’ve a First Minister who never knowingly allows “a selfie” to go by. She’s already had photo ops with visiting indigenous peoples and some minor Heads of State. But it’s not a campaign and it’s certainly not progress.

Meanwhile she’ll be nowhere near the meetings that really matter or be allowed more than a glimpse from the distance of the real movers and shakers. Fine for her poster book and it’ll ping around social media.

But nothing will change her situation. Cinderella may be all dressed up, but she’s sure not getting to the Ball. Instead, Scotland will be represented by Boris Johnson and his cohorts. A government Scotland comprehensively defeated at the polls, and by a Tory Party that’s been rejected by the Scottish people since before I was even born; and I’ve now got my bus-pass.

Britain’s a force for good we’re told, by Brexiteers still gaily playing on in the orchestra as the ship goes under. Johnson’s trashing and burning the UKs reputation, along with taking actions that will further burn our planet rather than reduce global warming. Any lingering fondness that many had for a legacy of British decency’s supplanted by a litany of lies and breaches of trust. Distrust and even contempt for the UK not just Boris Johnson’s replacing it.

Meanwhile a delegation from Ireland will seated be at the top table, as they are in other issues and in meetings that matter. Whilst the West of Scotland has weapons of mass destruction sited on their doorstep and against the wishes of the majority of its people, Ireland sits on the UN Security Council able to play a role for peace. Who’s got more influence devolved Scotland or independent Ireland. A blind man can see the answer.

So, what will the First Minister do about it? Well, it seems she’s taken a vow of silence on independence. Of course, that’s just following the current SNP strategy of “Wheesht for Indy”. But saying nothing and doing nothing’s a counsel of despair not leadership.

It’s indicative of how bad Johnson’s administration is and how much his shallow buffoonery is loathed north of the border, that the Indy vote’s holding up. It might not have had a majority in most recent polls but 48% is still a significant number. Especially, when you consider there’s been no campaign by those claiming to be its representatives, meanwhile those supporting the Union have been given a clear field.

COP 26, more like a Cop out by Nicola Sturgeon