East Lothian Courier – 10 February 2022


Many constituents have been in touch regarding the Prime Minister with all demanding that he should resign. I share their repugnance with his actions and agree that he should go. However, he’s proving as shameless in his denial of responsibility, as he was shameful in his behaviour during lockdown.

Getting him out though isn’t straightforward though I sense he’s on the ropes and it’s just a matter of time. But if he won’t go voluntarily then a motion of no confidence can only be moved by the main opposition party. To be fair I can see why Labour fear that it would simply solidify Tory support behind him, even if almost all opposition parties including my own would support it.

Hence, we’re left relying on at least 54 Tory backbenchers seeking a leadership challenge. I welcome those who’ve done so already and hope more will do so and that as soon as possible. It’s the least they can do. Whilst many me not have supported him in getting the leadership, they were aware what he was like and have condoned his actions until now.

When he’s replaced his successor may not have been complicit in partying, but they will have been equally responsible for the other sins of his administration. The glaring incompetence in so many aspects and the impoverishment of the many and enrichment of the few. It’s not going to change under a new leader and Sir Keir Starmer’s positioning himself and Labour as Tory lite.

Scotland’s energy rich and yet our folk are fuel poor. The wealth from renewables is being cabled south, as oil was pipelined out. Norway with control of its assets and of similar size to Scotland’s providing for its people as more and more of ours go without.

In the Independence referendum in 2014 we were told that being in the UK would protect us and provide prestige and security. Instead it’s damaged our economy, brought misery and hardship to many, and Britain’s a laughingstock internationally.

It’s time for Scotland to choose its own direction and decide its own priorities.