Where’s Our Hydrogen? 6 October 2022

I saw mention on social media last week that the North of Scotland’s domestic electricity had been supplied some days entirely by renewables. With Scotland having 60% of the UKs onshore wind and 25% of Europe’s offshore wind capacity things are only going to get better or so you’d think. But there’s an absurdity and indeed perversity in our energy… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 6 October 2022

These days just as it seems it can’t get any worse, it sadly does. Few thought there could be worse than Boris Johnson and then along comes Liz Truss. Likewise, the catastrophe of the Chancellors mini budget continues to wreak havoc, lurching our economy further towards the abyss. The unfairness of it now superseded by the disaster it’s unleashing on… Read more »

Energy UK Guidance

With the new price cap coming into force from 1 October 2022, Energy UK has published guidance and signposted links to assist your constituents ahead of this and the winter period. Five things for customers to be aware of in advance of this: There is no need to submit a meter reading on October 1st – Customers should check with their supplier… Read more »


ALBA Party Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP has today (Friday) hit out at the UK Government accusing them of “betrayal” over its plans to provide £100 in aid to households who rely on unregulated fuels such as heating oil as their main source of domestic heating.  This was confirmed to Mr MacAskill in an answer to a parliamentary written question by the… Read more »


ALBA Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian Kenny MacAskill MP has today (Sunday) published figures which show that the curtailment costs paid by National Grid ESO to wind farms for switching off turbines when the energy produced can’t be used or exported were £229 million in 2020-1 Alone with the total costs over five years approaching £1 billion at £838 million… Read more »

The Spirit Level – 29 September 2022

The one part of Kwarteng’s mini budget that I agreed with was that tax wasn’t just about the revenue, but also about the economy. That I concur with but would go further and argue that it’s also about the sort of society that you seek. Sadly, his prescription is going to crash our economy and further fragment our society.  The… Read more »

Heating Oil Costs – 29 September 2022

I’ve written before about the hardship that many who are off the gas grid face. For many that means heating has to be provided by unregulated fuels. In the main that’s heating oil, with some on biomass or LPG. It’s quite a large figure some 7% of households in Scotland are affected meaning it’s over 200,000 households. 5% for the… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 29 September 2022

The Chancellor’s mini budget was sadly even worse than expected. The disgraceful lifting of caps on bankers’ bonuses was compounded by further actions all of which threaten not just our economy but our society. The pound’s tanking, interest rates are rocketing, and inflation’s soaring. Yet the actions taken by the Chancellor fail to address them and instead we’re almost certainly… Read more »

Tragedy in the Med – 22 September 2022

It’s quite a while now since I read Sonia Nazario’s outstanding book “Enrique’s Journey”. It narrates the journey of a young lad from Honduras seeking to join his mother in the promised land of the USA. It’s heart rendering, the risks and dangers faced and eye opening in the guilt felt by the absent mothers sending remittances home, often earned…