Iraq Lingers On – 24 March 2023

The 20th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war recently passed but the ramifications of it continue to rumble on. I was minded of it by a friend who had placed flowers at Robin Cooks grave. The former Foreign Secretary was courageous to both resign and speak out so vocally. That so many others in New Labour stayed silent, yet… Read more »

House of Sturgeon – 24 March 2023

History was always going to be harsh on Nicola Sturgeon but the pace at which the reassessment’s happening is as surprising as the speed of her Bute House exit. The House of Sturgeon’s burning down and the resignation of Peter Murrell won’t provide a firewall. Not only were they joined in holy matrimony, but they were joined at a hip in… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 24 March 2023

The Budget was the focus in Westminster last week. As ever aspects were welcome but it’s the totality of it upon which its judged. Ending higher charges for Pre-Payment Meters is to be welcomed. But why the delay? All that was required was the stroke of a Ministerial pen and yet many have been left to suffer a cruel winter… Read more »

Visible Poverty – 16 March 2023

I recall when we reappeared from lockdown like animals coming out of hibernation thinking how run down some areas looked. The absence of a lick of paint given both restrictions and lack of funds were understandable but obvious for all to see. These were locations which had previously been if not prosperous, certainly not poor. Areas began to resemble those… Read more »

The White Flag – 16 March 2023

The SNP establishment have hoisted the white flag on independence. Humza Yousaf may say everything’s still on the table and repudiated his colleague Ben MacPherson’s “stepping down a gear” but there’s no direction and just no oomph. It’s the natural progression for an administration which other than in 2017, when a call to arms was no sooner made than activists… Read more »