WHILE AREAS MOST AFFECTED HAVE THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF FUEL POOR HOUSEHOLDS ALBA Depute Leader and fair energy prices campaigner Kenny MacAskill MP has obtained new figures from the UK Government which show that Scotland, with almost 1 in 5 domestic properties, has the highest number of households off the gas grid, of any of the home nations.  In addition the figures… Read more »

Self-Disconnections – 2 February 2023

The levels of self-disconnection from power across Scotland and Britain were exposed in Parliament last week, and they’re staggeringly high. In the third quarter of last year, the figures recorded 66,000 households in Scotland and 660,000 across Britain with smart meters had self-disconnected at least once. The technology’s able to record these incidents and they are not simply power cuts… Read more »

Ukraine – 2 February 2023

It’s many years now since I read a history of “the Winter War” when the Soviet Union invaded Finland just prior to World War 2. Initially, the Finns heroically repelled a Red Army, badly led through Stalin’s purges and underequipped for winter. But General Winter intervened and when the thaw came so did the Soviet attack on a scale that… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 2 February 2023

It was a pleasure to attend the Burns Supper at Haddington Burns Club. As with so many other events Covid had brought them to a halt. But they’re important for the community, as well as for the members. The towns links to the Bard through his mother, brother and a sister also give it further status. So much of life… Read more »

Burns and Slavery – 26 January 2023

Bravo Sir Tom Devine not only is he Scotland’s foremost living historian, but he’s had the courage to speak out against the nonsense of equating our National Bard with slavery. The suggestion that the National Galleries of Scotland were planning to reference Burns with the heinous trade was rightly described as “historically illiterate” by the learned academic. The proposal which… Read more »

Westminster Sleaze – 26 January 2023

There’s a stench of sleaze wafting from Westminster. Firstly, there was Lady Mone and the PPE scandal. She’s ducked for cover and the Tories have simply disowned her, but it’s not gone away and’ s hanging around as all bad smells do. But now from the House of Commons, comes Boris the wift of Johnson and the BBC chair and… Read more »