Nuclear Escalator – 13 October 2022


I was delighted to see Pope Francis speak out for peace in the Ukraine and for an end to nuclear madness. Yet again the Pontiff being a voice for decency and sanity in a troubled world. Actions, not just rhetoric, is becoming ever more belligerent and as an article in the American  journal “The Atlantic” was detailing, once you step on the nuclear escalator it’s hard to get off. None of the scenarios posed or “gaming” simulated had a happy ending.  

Yet it’s in danger of becoming accepted as the endplay. Last week President Biden stated, “I don’t think there’s any such thing as the ability to easily (use) a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon.” That from a man with his finger on the nuclear button. The danger is we’re rushing towards that scenario and little attempt’s being made to resolve this conflict peacefully. 

It’s clear it’s going badly for Russia. She’s bleeding and it’s more than just a bloody nose. Some of that is the heroic fighting by Ukrainian soldiers defending their homeland, whilst Russians flee from a war they want no part off.  

But it’s also evident that NATO weaponry’s winning this war. Another journal narrated how western electronic warfare’s closing down Russian communication systems before sophisticated missiles are unleashed. Unable to call in air or artillery support, and unable to receive orders it’s no wonder their soldiers are taking to the steppe.  

Not only is Russia being pushed back but attacks on their soil are being conducted from car bombs and blowing the bridge to Crimea. This shouldn’t be about regime change or burying Russia. The basis must be on the Minsk accords but discussions need to start now not gloating about Russian deaths or a trial for Putin.    

The reason why’s because of what analysts call the Russian paradox, that the worse their military perform, the more important becomes their nuclear arsenal. And that’s when it all becomes frightening, and Armageddon beckons. It’s why we need peace negotiations now.