Palestine Silence – 2 March 2023


The West fell silent last week as the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was recorded.

But many of those understandably condemning Russian atrocities are blind to other conflicts. The silence is deafening, and it’s worsened by complicity in arms sales.

There’s almost an inverse of the Iraq War situation going on at the moment. Then a horrific conflict in the Middle East, which still reverberates around the globe, overshadowed and gave cover for another terror. As Bush and Blair’s armies launched cruise missiles and devastated what had been the cradle of civilization, Putin moved into Chechnya.

As with Ukraine now, Putin wasn’t simply confronting an army but seeking to crush a state and people. The crimes committed then were as worthy of condemnation as anything happening now. But nothing was said. Not simply because minds were focused on Iraq but because it suited the US/UK agenda to keep Putin sweet. He could do as he liked so long as he didn’t seek to stop them doing what they wanted.

Now as eyes are upon Ukraine, a blind eye’s turned to other horrific conflicts. The Saudi’s unremitting devastation in Yemen has continued unabated and now the crushing of the Palestinian people is worsening. The new far-right Israeli Government is ignoring international law and its actions merit not just condemnation but action.

As the new Netanyahu regime seeks to undermine democracy within Israel through changes to judicial powers and oversight, it’s allowed Israeli settlers in occupied Palestine to run amok, all as the Israeli army watches passively or actively connives. Restoring the death penalty for those Palestinians who seek to defend their homeland and people is contrary to international law, not just civilized values.

There’s an irony that some of those perpetrating these attacks to further increase Eretz Israel are Russian emigres. Unable to obtain a green card for the USA, Israel’s an alternative. It needs people, just not Palestinian, whether Muslim or Christian. But they’re taking someone else’s land and crushing the life out of a people.

Yet another tragedy is being inflicted on the Palestinian people and sanctimonious politicians in the West are once again choosing to look away.