Scottish Government publishes route map out of lockdown


The Scottish Government have today published their route map, indicating how we will proceed to ease the lockdown, continue to work to mitigate the damage of the virus and progress to a new normal.

It is important for the many isolated and vulnerable people in East Lothian that start bringing this plan into reality, but it is equally important that we do so in a controlled way.

It’s worth remembering however, that the Scottish Government’s advice is still to stay at home.  This new roadmap will only take place when the science suggests it is safe to do so.

This document (download here, or read at the bottom of this page) is a useful guide to how the Scottish Government intend to progress.  I particularly recommend the sections from page 37 onwards, which many different practical examples of how the restrictions will ease off in many different areas.

Scotland Route Map Through and Out of the Crisis – 21 May 2020