Speaking  (Wednesday) in a Westminster Hall Debate on Direct Ferry Services between Scotland and Mainland Europe, Kenny MacAskill MP will call on the Scottish Government to establish a Ferry Route Development Fund and will accuse Scottish Ministers of being less radical than former First Minister Lord Jack McConnell who established the air route development fund.  He will also call on the UK… Read more »

COP26 Debate – House of Commons – 21 October 2021

Global warming is the issue of our time. It challenges not just humanity, but every other species – it is not just us ourselves that live on this planet. We are doing incredible harm to animals and wildlife that lack the consciousness of what will become of them thanks to us. Watch my contribution to the debate below.  

Nationality & Borders Bill (Second Reading) – 20 July 2021

My speech on opposition of the Nationality & Borders Bill (second reading). I am concerned about the manner in which immigration policy is being taken amongst the most vulnerable.

Voter ID Debate – 13 July 2021

My speech for the Voter ID debate which took place in Westminster Hall. 50 years of political experience tells me that it is not necessary.

International Aid Debate – 13 July 2021

My speech on International Aid debate. I voted against the proposed cuts, but shamefully those on the Tory Benches voted it through. We are all part of the human race and need to protect everyone. By protecting everyone we are protecting ourselves.

Questions to Cabinet Office – 08 July 2021

I outlined to Mr Gove that whilst polled public attitudes towards the Union may be hidden, the private attitude by the Prime Minister to devolution is clearly known and hostile. The choice for Scotland is between an integrating Union under the Tories or independence. Know which option I would prefer!

EU Settlement Debate

I was happy to support the SNP Motion on the EU settlement debate.  Immigration is seen as a threat and a danger south of the Border.  Here in Scotland immigration is seen as a necessity, full of opportunities and is to be supported. The EU settlement is causing extreme fear. We need people to come to our country.  We need… Read more »

Protections for Bloggers

My question to the Attorney General asking for a commitment that bloggers are equally entitled to protections afforded to the mainstream media.      

Development Aid Debate: 30 June 2021

My contribution to the Development Aid Budget debate. Pointing out the obvious – we will benefit economically if we offer support. We will face the consequences if we don’t.  

Prime Ministers Questions: 17 June 2021

My question to the Prime Minister on the remit of the Lord Advocate and current problem with the dual role. He has agreed to look into this anomaly. Pity he cannot keep up with politics North of the border!