Ukraine Update – 23 June 2022


The American Conservative isn’t a website I’d normally be drawn to, quite the opposite. But when a friend sent a link to an article on the situation in Ukraine and seeing the writers credentials my attention was assured.

Douglas MacGregor’s not only a senior fellow at the Institute but a retired US Colonel, indeed a decorated combat veteran to boot, as well as having been advisor to the Secretary of Defense in the Trump administration.  So, he can write with some authority.

His article was scathing about the Biden administration’s role in Ukraine and whilst that might be expected given his political colours, it was his analysis which was interesting. He’s predicting that the Ukraine forces are on the point of collapse and blames Biden for his encouragement of a war they cannot win. That’s given some credence by the change in tone on reporting here. But however, its portrayed the reality seems to be that the Russians are grinding down the Ukrainian defences.

The only way out for them militarily is either to draw NATO into the conflict and what would likely be the start of World War 3 or start launching NATO missiles into Russia that might well have the same outcome.

Sanctions aren’t working and time is on Putin’s side. November elections in the USA will likely see Biden in office but not in power. Republicans won’t support the continued expenditure reckoned at $80 billion to date for a war in Europe and when they’re very much America First. As cold winter bites European solidarity might well shatter as needs must for the import of Russian oil to heat homes in Germany and elsewhere.

It’s a grim situation and yet it’s matched by continued bellicosity for war rather than a push for peace. Russia started this war and blame rests with Putin. But as MacGregor writes Biden’s been pushing a proxy war where Ukraine fights and dies, all to bleed Russia. There has been some remarkable successes and much incredible bravery. But given the disparity in size and the ruthlessness of Putin, the former can soak it up more easily. Ukraine’s being sacrificed for American political interests.

It’s why a push for peace is required. In World War one it was lions led by donkeys, now it seems it’s lions deluded by jackals.