Visiting Viridor Energy Recovery Facility


Viridor Dunbar Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) is an energy capture facility, located in one of the old Cement quarries outside Dunbar. I visited them yesterday (14 February) to find out more about what they do.

The ERF takes in waste products that cannot be recycled and would normally be put into landfill. It then uses those materials to produce electricity for the National Grid. One of the most common things constituents contact me about is Climate Change, an issue I am passionate about. I was very interested to hear about the work that Viridor is doing in the circular economy – extracting energy and resources from things we wouldn’t normally think of reusing. The days of landfill are coming to and end, and rightly so. I am delighted that these new methods are at work in East Lothian, and it was great to hear their thoughts about the future of recycling and energy recovery.