Woke Exposed – 21 July 2022


The Woke Debate has exploded onto the Tory election contest. Until now the issue has largely been confined to a small section with the vast majority of the general public having no clue and less interest. But that’s going to change, and the direction of travel’s only going to be going in one direction and that’s to roll back much of the Woke nonsense.  

The Self ID debate’s now public and the consequences whether in sport or single sex spaces are becoming clear. Anger will grow as the consequences are realised and it’s the public who’ll be demanding the sanity prevails and that protections are provided for women, as well as dignity and respect. None of that is transphobic as the rights of all must be protected but that includes women as much as transgender.   

The absurdity of mothers being described as “pregnant persons” was exposed by Kemi Badenoch. Her testimony was much more credible than that of Penny Mordaunt who appears to have either tacitly supported or failed to object to such arrant nonsense. The nomenclature and language invented’ s a mixture of the laughable and the Orwellian. But it’s the physical and practical manifestations that are much more worrying.  

But Badenoch has let the genie out the bottle and the roll back will begin. Recently my wife and I made a day trip to the Isle of Wight. As Tory a place as they come, you’d think. I was therefore gob smacked to find that the public toilets on Shanklin promenade had been converted to unisex ones. Entering them a lady a few years older than me was departing and clearly was not happy. Other ladies outside were also expressing anger, if not disgust  

I can fully understand their views as I found them off putting and it must be worse for females. This was a lovely summers day with crowds, what would it be like on a dark winters night and the place deserted. I very much doubt the old lady, or the indeed other women were transphobes. Frankly, I doubt the former would even have known what the word was.  

But the roll back has started and I would wager the toilets in Shanklin will be changed, and rightly so.