The Hapless Lord Advocate – 4 August 2022

I’m a huge fan of the Irish comedy show “Father Ted”. The number of shows is sadly limited given the tragic and far to early death of Dermot Morgan who played Father Ted. One of my favourite episodes though was “Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse”. In this show Father Ted has to do the needful to his superior following… Read more »

Where’s The Opposition? 4 August 2022

There’s truth in the maxim that it’s governments which lose elections not oppositions that win them. But you’ve still got to make an effort when you’re the challenger. No matter how hopeless an administration may be, folk still want to vote for something else. You can’t just rest on a stampede to get the other lot out.  It’s also a… Read more »


ALBA Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian Kenny MacAskill has today (Wednesday 3 August 2022) exposed the scandal of the “Great Berwick Bank Robbery” Speaking at the Photo Call with a “highway robber” outside the UK Government Offices in Edinburgh Kenny MacAskill said: “With over 300 turbines and the capacity to generate 4.1 Giga watt and power three million homes the… Read more »

South Lanarkshire College Net Widens – 28 July 2022

The net cast by the scandal at South Lanarkshire College is widening and shows just why the Education Secretary has to intervene.  It’s bad enough that there’s a smell emanating from the college caused by a report mentioning “homers” by staff and a culture of fear in the institution. Yet the report remains unpublished despite being widely available to media… Read more »

Climate Crisis – 28 July 2022

And so its come finally to us. Any thoughts that Global Warming only affected poorer lands in the southern hemisphere or around the Mediterranean shores have already been shown to be fanciful. Wealthier countries such as France have been struggling with wildfires in recent weeks, just as Germany faced floods not too long ago. This wasn’t simply a replication of… Read more »

Woke Exposed – 21 July 2022

The Woke Debate has exploded onto the Tory election contest. Until now the issue has largely been confined to a small section with the vast majority of the general public having no clue and less interest. But that’s going to change, and the direction of travel’s only going to be going in one direction and that’s to roll back much… Read more »

A Charade of Democracy – 21 July 2022

Our democracy’s a charade. I was summarily ejected from Westminster last week for condemning the Prime Minister’s refusal to grant a referendum. Compounding that, the charlatan had been rejected by his own backbenchers but refused to stand down and rejected the opposition’s vote of no confidence. The latter’s a fundamental failsafe in a democracy, and refusing it’s a dangerous road…. Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 14 July 2022

What a week in Westminster and for the country. A total shambles and showing the absurdity of lacking a written constitution. That said even that may not have protected us all from the abuse perpetrated by Boris Johnson. A serial liar and a total charlatan. It’s good riddance. He didn’t even care for his party, any more than the country…. Read more »

Tory Lite – 14 July 2022

With Johnson’s fall, focus turns to the succession. Already there’s a race to the bottom with a “Dutch auction” on taxes but with little explanation as to how that can be funded. Added to that’s there’s the more normal auction with ramped up spending on defence, never mind war in the Ukraine. It just doesn’t add up other than through… Read more »

Russia Looks East – 14 July 2022

There’s been less on our TV screens about the Ukraine war. That not just due to the Westminster mayhem but because it’s not going as well as hoped. The Ukrainians are getting ground down and news coverage is about heroic defence by Ukrainian troops and Russian atrocities on Ukrainian civilians. No doubt both are true, but it doesn’t solve the… Read more »