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Statement from ALBA Party MPs Commenting ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said: “Scotland’s mandate for an independence referendum must be respected. Scottish MPs are in Westminster to settle up for the people of Scotland, not to settle down. “Why should we respect the rules of the House of Commons when Westminster will not respect Scottish democracy. People back home… Read more »

Police Pay – 7 July 2022


Recent polls have shown public support for strike action. No wonder, as everyone doing their shopping, paying their bills or filling their fuel tank feels the pressures. That’s why Police representatives have described the Scottish Governments pay offer, as derisory and insulting. After all it would hardly cover the increase in a quarterly energy bill for some, and certainly two… Read more »

Sturgeon’s Statement – 7 July 2022


The First Minster’s statement last week was underwhelming, From an independence activist point of view though it’s still welcome all the same, as it’s at least the starting pistol fired for the next campaign. One from which there can be no going back. Unlike in 2017, she cannot, and will not, be allowed like the Grand Old Duke of York… Read more »

Blair and the Co-ops – 1 July 2022


When I think of Tony Blair crime’s it’s the Iraq war that comes to mind. That on its own’s bad enough standing above all others given the harm its done to humanity. But there are numerous other offences perpetrated as he pursued his so called “third way”. A new one to me was highlighted in a book I recently read…. Read more »

South Lanarkshire College – 1 July 2022


What’s going on at South Lanarkshire College? With so many political scandals hogging the spotlight, acting there have been somewhat sidelined. But it doesn’t look right and it certainly seems an injustice has been perpetrated against Aileen McKechnie, the Principal and her Clerk Brian Keegan both presently suspended from duties. Now in my younger days tales of abuses in council… Read more »

It’s The Hypocrisy Not The Actions – 23 June 2022


It was that way for John Major’s Tory Government in the 90s. It wasn’t his affair with Edwina Currie or David Mellor’s sexual escapades in a Chelsea strip that did for them. It had been their pronouncement of ‘back to basics’ and extolling of family values, when many were clearly living and behaving vastly differently. To err is human, and… Read more »

Ukraine Update – 23 June 2022


The American Conservative isn’t a website I’d normally be drawn to, quite the opposite. But when a friend sent a link to an article on the situation in Ukraine and seeing the writers credentials my attention was assured. Douglas MacGregor’s not only a senior fellow at the Institute but a retired US Colonel, indeed a decorated combat veteran to boot,… Read more »

Power in Scotland’s Hands – 16 June 2022


The Oppositions response to Johnson’s survival, for the time being anyway, was underwhelming to say the least. Starmer for a trained lawyer, and one to be fair of some justifiable note, was particularly woeful at Prime Ministers Questions. Veering from Partygate to the NHS but laying not a glove on Johnson with any issue. Ian Blackford had the better sound bite but still failed to hit home. In Scotland the First Minister’s statement on a referendum was long… Read more »

RMT Strike – 16 June 2022


The right to strike’s fundamental in a democratic society. Working people may have the right to vote but when Scotland hasn’t voted Tory since 1955 and opposed Brexit substantially it can be viewed as having limited influence. It’s why the ability to withdraw your labour remains fundamental.  There are jobs such as the military where union organisation’s precluded and other roles such as the police where… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 16 June 2022


Parliament last week was again dominated by the spectre of the Prime Minister. Despite losing the support of over 40% of his Parliamentary group he hangs on shamelessly. He’s been weakened though and it seems just a matter of time before he goes. However, whoever replaces him from the Tory benches will have been complicit in the shambles created by… Read more »