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Saving Ferguson Marine – 25 May 2023


A Tory minister once had to apologise in parliament for saying that, in pressing on, he wasn’t doing so with “his bow doors open”. It was a crass and insensitive remark, coming days after almost 200 had lost their lives when the Herald of Free Enterprise sank outside Zeebrugge, partly due to having commenced its sailing that way. Now hull 802 isn’t a… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 25 May 2023


Ireland with fewer advantages than Scotland possesses has achieved so much more over recent years. It’s economy’s far stronger than ours, its growth’s greater than that of the UKs and poverty’s less harsh for their people than what ours are suffering.   Irish companies have moved into Scotland and now they’re showing what can be done with the bounty of offshore renewable energy. We already have… Read more »

SNP and Westminster – 18 May 2023


Westminster elections are rarely comfortable for the SNP. The 2015 landslide unique, coming in the lea of the referendum and garnering a galvanised Yes vote, as opposed to divided Better Together parties. Normally, it’s much harder to motivate independence supporters for an election to an institution they disdain, and some query why it’s even contested. It’ll be even harder now…. Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 18 May 2023


The big political issue at Westminster was the arrest of demonstrators at the Coronation Events in London. Now, I literally headed for the hills with my dog as whilst I respected the Queen the time has now come for a Republic. London resembled Ruritania with its flags and buntings. No expense seemed spared, but meanwhile hunger and homelessness increase. Stopping… Read more »



Former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill MP has today (Tuesday) called for the Scottish Government to establish a judge led inquiry into the role of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) following revelations in the Scottish media that the COPFS may have delayed by up to two weeks the granting of a warrant to carry out a search into the home… Read more »

Gun Control – 11 May 2023


Scrolling through social media, I came across extraordinary statistics contained in short, even anodyne tweets. Even a momentary reflection on the posts by a journalist from the news outlet ProPublica showed the extent of the gun tragedy continuing to unfold in America. The first relayed that as of May 7 – 125 days into 2023 – 13,900 had been shot to… Read more »

Wishful Thinking – 11 May 2023


Local election results were disastrous for the Tories and good, but not great, for Labour. It’s resulted in thoughts of taking power for the latter and among the SNP of being kingmakers. But it’s still wishful thinking as Labour look well short of an overall majority and the SNP in Westminster have shown little ability to negotiate their way out of… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 11 May 2023


I was sorry to miss the John P Mackintosh lecture, but commitments precluded it. Remembering a great man’s right and a lecture is a fitting tribute. In addition, Gavin Esler ‘s not only a very erudite journalist but a gifted writer and his thoughts I’m sure would have found favour with the late MP. Gavin Esler and I may not… Read more »

Presidential Tales- 4 May 2023


Joe Biden’s announcement that he’s running again for US president and the visit, if that’s what it can be called, of former President Trump prelude the start of the race for the White House. My old friend Harry Benson has the distinction of having photographed every president since Eisenhower and along the way he’s gathered some tales and insights. His favourite… Read more »

Juryless Trials – 4 May 2023


The latest iteration of the Scottish Government’s criminal justice legislation is a mixture of what should have been done a while back, what maybe doesn’t need done, and something that just shouldn’t be done at all. Scrapping the not proven verdict, I agree with. The debate has always been what should replace it and I prefer the question juries are asked: is… Read more »