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East Lothian Courier – 29 February 2024


I wasn’t due to be in Parliament last Wednesday. Though down the day before I’d intended to return after it for a longstanding commitment to a youth group. However, when the Gaza ceasefire debate was set for that day, I regrettably required to cancel. There are many votes you can miss and with a comfortable Tory majority it makes no… Read more »

Votes Do Matter – 29 February 2024


Shambolic scenes in Westminster last week were unedifying and shameful. Politicians squabbled as children in Gaza were dying as Israeli genocide continues unabated. Many votes in Parliament don’t really matter with a still significant Tory majority ensuring t they can drive through their wants. Occasionally though comes an occasion where it’s close to call or that every vote counts. Last… Read more »

The Unjust Transition – 28 February 2024


It’s undeniable that we must transition from fossil fuels to renewables. It must though be at a pace which allows us to adapt and most importantly to make that transition. In East Lothian as in many other areas the turbines are already on the hills with more being added and with older ones now being replaced. Solar panelling between columns… Read more »

Grangemouth Also Matters – 22 February 2024


As Labour, SNP and Tory all beat their chests and battle it out over who cares most about North Sea oil, they ignore the plight of Grangemouth Refinery. It also matters but has shamefully been ignored, even hidden by governments both sides of the border. The growing threat to the plant matched by an inverse level of interest in and… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 22 February 2024


Over my lifetime great progress had been made in addressing pensioner poverty. It had never entirely gone away but it was vastly reduced from my childhood when looking after the pensioners was essential given the hardship so many faced.   But now pensioner poverty is coming back and with a vengeance. Of course, many of the “baby boomer” generation have done… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 15 February 2024


Housing’s an increasing concern. Not from the perspective of too many new builds in areas where public services are already struggling to cope, whether doctors, dentists or even just infrastructure. But from the point of view of it just not being available at all. East Lothian might not have the homelessness crisis seen on the streets of London, and which… Read more »

Ending the Love Affair – 15 February 2023


Rishi Sunak’s Belfast visit was underwhelming not just because he hasn’t grown into Prime Ministerial office. His trumpeting how good a deal Northern Ireland has with access to the single market and reduced Brexit frictions was all but lost. Overshadowed by global events and the momentous accession of a Nationalist First Minister. Unionists despondent and Republicans savouring the moment and… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 8 February 2024


Folk have been feeling the pressures of higher energy bills and colder weather. Damp and rain’s often harder to endure than freezing snow. Bills will be rising and yet there’s the issue of accumulated energy debt.   With the energy crisis having been upon us for several years now debt has mounted. OFGEM reckons that in the UK its nearing £3… Read more »

A Widening War – 8 February 2024


Watching the International Court of Justice judgement on Gaza I was filled with hope. It may have been more important in publicity terms than in immediate outcome. But it was a start. Genocide may not have been proven but a stateable case had been made. Surely Biden would call off Netanyahu’s dogs of war and Britain cease being supine? Instead,… Read more »



MACASKILL CHALLENGES PRIME MINISTER TO SAVE GRANGEMOUTH AT A TIME OF GLOBAL ENERGY INSECURITY Alba Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP has today (Wednesday) challenged the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak MP to take urgent and decisive action to save Scotland’s only oil refinery at Grangemouth from closure and to work to secure the necessary investment which will save 500 direct jobs and 2,000 contractors jobs… Read more »