Column: Greater COVID vigilance is needed


In my Column in the East Lothian Courier this week I discuss the need for greater vigilance in the face of rising case numbers in the constituency.

“The coronavirus outbreak at the East Lothian Community Hospital and tightened lockdown re-imposed in the west of Scotland show the need for vigilance.

“Outbreaks can occur in even the most rigorous of regimes. But for youngsters’ welfare, it’s vital we try to keep schools open, hence why action has been required.

“Restrictions on socialising are a blow to many and it’s difficult for the hospitality sector to adjust. But done it must be and we’ll all just have to endure for a while.

“Organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and others for issues great and small rely heavily on meetings and mutual support. They’ve had to be curtailed and, though Zoom and other methods offer some engagement, it’s not the same. To allow them to function as normal, we need to get the virus under control.

“That’s why the new app is also important. It might not be available to everyone and can depend on the age of your smartphone. But everyone who can should download it as it’s another important method of tracking and tracing, and suppressing, the virus.”

You can read the full column at the Courier’s website here.