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Unfair National Grid Connection Charges


I asked Alok Sharma, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, about ending the discriminatory regime of National Grid connection charges. These charges disproportionately affect sites in Scotland, Wales and the North of England, but it is in Scotland where the highest charges anywhere in the UK are applied. In contrast, energy producers based in London and… Read more »

Column: Understanding Scotland’s slavery links is important


In my column in the East Lothian Courier I write about how “racism afflicts every society and Scotland’s no different.” “Many constituents have been in touch about the events unfolding in the United States and, indeed, there were even some local demonstrations about them. “It’s both frightening and tragic and I’ve co-signed letters to the Government and supported motions seeking… Read more »

Calling on the Prime Minister to implement clean air proposals to tackle Coronavirus


I signed, along with many colleagues from across parties, a letter to the Prime Minister calling on the UK Government to implement clean air proposals to help tackle Coronavirus transmissions. Research from Harvard University and QMU London suggests that some air pollution makes people more likely to catch the virus. It is true that air quality has improved since we… Read more »

Prime Minister’s Questions – Animal Welfare and Food Standards


Today at Prime Minister’s questions, I asked Boris Johnson to clarify the UK government’s intentions on animal welfare and food standards. The government have been avoiding the subject: they failed to enshrine protections in the Agriculture Bill, and earlier this week Ministers equivocated on this issue, so I called on the Prime Minister to “be clear today that high standards… Read more »

Column: My Email inbox after the Dominic Cummings issue


In the East Lothian Courier I write about how my email inbox is “has been inundated with communications about Dominic Cummings’ behaviour.” “Most are from people who tell me that they’ve never written to an MP before. Many are very distressing, detailing personal sacrifices made or loss endured by them or their family. “They’re entitled to feel angry as the… Read more »

Reminder to parents in East Lothian eligible to apply for £250 primary school start grant


I am encouraging parents of children aged four to five to apply for the Scottish Government’s Best Start Grant. A one-off £250 payment is currently open to eligible families, with a child who was born between 1st March 2015 and 29th February 2016, who will be starting primary school later this year. The payment is part of the Scottish Government’s… Read more »

Column: Why four-day working week is an idea whose time has come


In my column in this week’s Scotsman, I discuss the idea of a four-day week and how “it offers a solution to both the economic fallout from coronavirus and the desire many will have for a different work-life balance.” “It’s being considered by countries from Finland to New Zealand and more will surely follow. It’s time we did the same.”… Read more »

Test and Protect System implemented across Scotland


The Scottish Government has rolled out the next step of it’s Test and Protect strategy today (28 May).  You can read the full announcement at the Scottish Government website. From today everyone who has symptoms of Coronavirus is asked to book themselves in for a test as soon as those symptoms start to show. Testing is available at several drive-in… Read more »

East Lothian Council Consults on safe physical distancing


East Lothian Council have opened up a consultation on Spaces for People in East Lothian.  According to the council website “Given the limited space in our towns, it’s important we introduce enhanced spaces for people on foot, in wheelchairs and on bikes. “The requirements for social distancing are likely to remain in place for some time and people will be… Read more »