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East Lothian Courier – 10 March 2022


War in the Ukraine’s distressing to watch as tragedy unfolds on our TV screens but the community response is heartening. Many have been in touch seeking strengthened sanctions and increased humanitarian support. Progress is being made on both even if still inadequate and slow. However, aid agencies are now springing into action and that’ll make it easier for all seeking… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 3 March 2022


Parliament was dominated by events in the Ukraine. The Russian invasion rightly stands universally condemned and severe sanctions must follow. Current financial actions are inadequate and need escalated. Ukraine’s sovereignty must be defended but in a manner that avoids an escalation of the conflict. Diplomacy not war must be the solution. References to the Crimean War are absurd, as that… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 10 February 2022


Many constituents have been in touch regarding the Prime Minister with all demanding that he should resign. I share their repugnance with his actions and agree that he should go. However, he’s proving as shameless in his denial of responsibility, as he was shameful in his behaviour during lockdown. Getting him out though isn’t straightforward though I sense he’s on… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 23 December 2021


A damper has come down upon the Festive Season as another coronavirus variant strikes. Yet the Omicron variant has hardly come as a bolt from the blue. With so many billions in the undeveloped world unvaccinated and where the UK and US have been complicit in restricting the ability of poorer countries to acquire them, it was always a threat…. Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 9 December 2021


Last weeks winds were frightening. My stairs roof was damaged and driving south to Newcastle for a train, the carnage of trees was obvious. For long Scotland’s climate has been a nuisance, even dangerous. But there’s one aspect in which it’s now a boon. Scotland has 25% of Europe’s offshore wind capacity. All across the county there’s evidence of offshore… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 27 November 2021


With over 20 years as a lawyer and 7 ½ years as Justice Secretary I’ve come across some legal absurdities. However, there’s been few as great as the ridiculous situation brought about by the Scottish Governments policy on gender self-identification. For now, in Scotland if a man perpetrates a rape but self-identifies as a woman, then the crime will be… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 7 October 2021


Preparations continue for the wealth that’s going to flow ashore in East Lothian from offshore wind but there’s still no sign of the county and its citizens benefiting from it. Research from the House of Commons library confirmed what I had suspected that there’s a gap in legislation. If the turbines were onshore, then community benefit would apply, and funds… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 23 September 2021


Parliament debated cuts to Universal Credit last week. A few Tories spoke out against it knowing the severe hardship it’s going to cause. They included former social security Ministers who know just how inadequate our benefits system is. But as ever Boris Johnsons large majority drove it home. I spoke in it, mentioning how I’m from a generation who viewed… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 16 September 2021


There’s no doubt that social care needs funded and the backlog in the NHS addressed. It’s who pays that’s the issue and that’s what makes Boris Johnsons National Insurance tax hike wrong. The low paid and young are bearing the brunt and that’s not right. Income tax is far fairer than national insurance and taxing wealth’s what’s really required. Those… Read more »