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East Lothian Courier – 17 March 2022


Every time you pass a petrol station seems to have risen. Some posts online show staggering prices and at stations not far from here. When fuel costs increase it’s not just a problem for those who require driving to get to work or need it for where they live. It also affects the price of almost everything, as transport costs… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 10 March 2022


War in the Ukraine’s distressing to watch as tragedy unfolds on our TV screens but the community response is heartening. Many have been in touch seeking strengthened sanctions and increased humanitarian support. Progress is being made on both even if still inadequate and slow. However, aid agencies are now springing into action and that’ll make it easier for all seeking… Read more »

GRA Nonsense – Scotsman Article – 10 March 2022


So the Scottish Government presses on with its GRA nonsense. Despite roll backs by the Supreme Court and warnings from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, on they march. They apparently know best and they’re intent on using their majority in Parliament to deliver it. The same nonsense spouted by Shirley-Anne Somerville’s now being echoed by Shona Robison. I had… Read more »

West Hypocrisy – Scotsman Article – 10 March 2022


As war wages in the Ukraine, as in every conflict, atrocities are taking place with demands for Putin to be brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and condemnation of apparent Russian use of cluster bombs. Now I’m sympathetic to action on both counts but there’s hypocrisy from many, especially in the USA, in those albeit legitimate calls. After all… Read more »

East Lothian Courier – 3 March 2022


Parliament was dominated by events in the Ukraine. The Russian invasion rightly stands universally condemned and severe sanctions must follow. Current financial actions are inadequate and need escalated. Ukraine’s sovereignty must be defended but in a manner that avoids an escalation of the conflict. Diplomacy not war must be the solution. References to the Crimean War are absurd, as that… Read more »

Ukraine Is Not Russia – Scotsman Article – 3 March 2022


Putin has underestimated many things, not just the military capability or courage of the Ukrainian people. In particular he’s learning a salutary lesson that Ukraine’s not Russia. For sure the two Nations are closely entwinned and share many aspects of history since Kievan Rus evolved into Russia. But the same folk they are not and being Ukrainian’s not just being… Read more »

Home Working Costs – Scotsman Article – 3 March 2022


Home working has always been with us. In generations past it was of course different. Washing or other outsourced domestic chores have always been done, as has child care, along with other occupations whether through choice or necessity. It’s after all how weaving started out before industrialisation took over although it continued with Harris Tweed. But developments in IT opened… Read more »

Energy Bills – Scotsman Article – 24 February 2022


Fuel costs are mounting and fears increasing as further hikes near. It’s becoming the number one issue for many and not just the poor. Ukraine, Covid and even Partygate all fade into the background, as concerns about just how high they’ll be and more importantly just how they can be paid. The actions so far, whether from the Chancellor or… Read more »

NATO Expansion – Scotsman Article – 23 February 2022


The invasion of Ukraine’s appalling; rightly condemned and sanctions long overdue against Russian oligarchs. But there ultimately requires to be a political not military solution to avoid global catastrophe and a major part of discussions will be NATO expansion. At the heart of that’s whether Russia or the former Soviet Union were given assurances by the west that they wouldn’t… Read more »