Column: Coming out of lockdown will not be simple


In my column in this week’s East Lothian Courier I reflect on the transition out of lockdown, and the mental health and employment issues raised by the process.

“Lockdown wasn’t simple and coming out of it won’t be easy either.

“Some challenged by the isolation will find the change hard to cope with.

“I know I’m finding returning to London daunting – the size and scale of it, a marked contrast to where I’ve been these last three months.

“But for others suffering from anxiety or depression it may be even harder, even if only venturing out where they stay.

“It’s why advice and counselling are available for those who may feel a bit overwhelmed, even with the warmer weather enticing us out.

“That’s perfectly understandable and as with those who’ve been troubled by lockdown, help is there.

“Moreover, all of us need to look out for those who’re finding it all a bit much.

“Together though, we’ll make it through.”

You can read the full piece at the Courier’s website here.