East Lothian Courier – 14 July 2022


What a week in Westminster and for the country. A total shambles and showing the absurdity of lacking a written constitution. That said even that may not have protected us all from the abuse perpetrated by Boris Johnson. A serial liar and a total charlatan. It’s good riddance.

He didn’t even care for his party, any more than the country. Venal self-interest’s all he knows. But outrage or tears from Tories cannot hide the fact that they once backed him. He was their leader and he’s, their responsibility. They, not just him, need to pay the price.

The fact that Labours lead over the Tories is far from substantial’s testimony to the lack of an alternative provided by them. Brexit has meekly been accepted by them. It’s become an ersatz Tory Party under Starmer with membership of the single market and free movement of labour rejected, echoing the Tories. Yet its those two aspects that are crippling our economy and harming our society.

It’s why its time Scottish Independence. The British state far from being strong and stable is an international laughingstock. Other small nations, some with far less advantages than us are doing significantly better. The transformation of not just Norway but Ireland over my lifetime shows what should have been possible for Scotland and can still be.

But the powers of being an independent nation are needed. There must now be pressure on whoever’s the next PM to agree to a referendum. It’s a democratic outrage. Scotland should not have to put up with this and pressure to achieve it must grow and all peaceful and democratic actions considered.

Summers here but its going to be hard for those least able to cope, even if heating bills will be kept low. But East Lothian isn’t doing well in the provision of free school meals over the summer and that needs to change. In a TV investigation the county was one of the lowest in providing support at only £2.30 per meal. Some councils were much more and the average £2.70. These are hungry bairns, deserve much better.