East Lothian Courier – 28 September 2023


We can’t roll back on commitments to tackle climate change and the Prime Minister’s proposals and posturing are just wrong. It’s not just climate activists who have spoken out but industry with Ford lamenting the changes and emphasizing the need for commitment and continuity. Other countries have spoken out against his plans, not just developing countries, but even the President of the United States.

Tragically, some of what we’ve done is irreversible and we’ll just need to live with and adapt to the consequences. It’s not a question of bankrupting Britain to achieve net zero but that if we don’t act then bankruptcy will be the least of our problems. Of course, it can’t be done by one country alone but if all or most act like the UK and put self interest before humanity and our planet, then we’re all doomed.

We’ve been fortunate with the impact of climate change. Heavy rain, high winds and heatwaves have all been mostly manageable and the devastation limited. But that might always be so. The impacts are worse upon developing nations but as hurricanes and tornados have shown even the USA, the most powerful country in the world, has suffered and many of its people grievously.

It’s not impossible to see scenarios occurring here which will have horrendous consequences and where despite planning and resource, we’ll struggle to cope and many will suffer. Even the superrich here will find that as in America up market bolt holes in Hawaii offer no sanctuary.

It’s not just about justice between nations but generations. The UK does require to act even though emissions are far less now. We were the cradle of the industrial revolution and spewed carbon into the atmosphere long before other nations. We need to account for those past sins even if its other nations who now are the major contributors.

But it’s also about justice across generations. The legacy that my generation’s leaving for our children and grandchildren is appalling. They will reap what we’ve sown, and it’ll be grim unless actions taken and fast.

That’s why Sunak’s proposals must be opposed.