Column: Let’s keep things as local as possible


In my column in the East Lothian Courier I write about visiting the East Lothian Community Hospital.

It was also an opportunity for me to meet trade union reps, which was humbling.

Like others, I’ve seen on social media how hard it is for so many in the NHS who continue to give so much. Hearing the stories personally was moving and I’m certainly persuaded that a clap isn’t enough.

But the facility itself was equally impressive and is badly needed. Iain Gray MSP campaigned tirelessly for it and he and others deserve enormous credit for that and it’ll be one of his many legacies to the county. For whilst many will still have to go to Edinburgh or even beyond for surgery, treatment thereafter can be given far closer to home. That will be a relief to individuals and their families, for whom the journey was added stress.

For Covid-19 has brought home the need to have much more delivered or obtained closer to hand. In business speak, it’s shortening the supply chain, whether for PPE or anything else, and hence making it here in Scotland. But for services and in the language the rest of us use, it’s about having them closer to your door.

You can read the full column at the Courier’s website here.