The lockdown anniversary


Today at 12 I held a moment’s silence, along with many across the country. The Pandemic has brought us low as a nation, and yet the resilience and determination to do what is right for those we live amongst has never been stronger.

The work of recovery will be hard, and the onus is on us as politicians to work for the benefit of all in our communities as we navigate out of this pandemic.

My thanks go to those who have gone so far in their willingness to help others. Our key workers, our health and social care workers, our teachers, and all workers in essential services.

An act of remembrance is vital, our communities must mourn and we will – hopefully some day soon – have the chance to do so in a communal way. But equally important is the need for change in our society. The pandemic has exacerbated existing problems, but it has also shown us that where there is a will for change, change will come.