Xmas Message – 22 December 2022


A Merry Xmas and a Guid New Year when it comes to one and all.

This has been a very challenging year for most and extremely so for many. Despite the challenges that people face I still hope you will be able to enjoy the Festivities. It’s a special time of year especially for children but likewise for many others whether through their faith or simply meeting up with family and friends. It can though also be very lonely for some, which is why we should try and reach out where we can.

This time last year none of us could have imagined that life would be as it is now. Though still affected by Covid back then there was an optimism that the worst would soon be past, and life would return to normal.

Instead, we’re facing both a cost of living and energy crisis. In a land of plenty and a country where there’s a surfeit of energy, its just neither right nor fair. It’s also morally wrong that people should go hungry or cold in this modern age. In addition, we’ve a war in Europe, previously almost unimaginable.

The challenges many now face are severe. It’s we should try and look out for each other, which was done remarkably well across the county during Covid. Many have also sought to help those who have had to flee from the conflict in the Ukraine. Our thanks go to all involved in whatever aspects of those acts of human kindness.

But equally it’s important that no one should be afraid or inhibited about seeking help. There are organization’s able and willing to help. As with past years with loneliness or depression, now difficulties have widened to include financial crises and meeting energy bills. These are exceptional times and for those struggling there should be neither fear nor shame in seeking help.

The break’s also a time to relax and enjoy some downtime, itself no bad thing. Though we should never forget that there are occupations working whilst we stay home. Sadly, many doing so are involved in industrial action to meet the soaring cost of living or sometimes facing cuts to their terms and conditions of employment. They were rightly clapped during Covid for their exemplary service, and their treatment now’s disgraceful.

So have a great Xmas and let’s look out for one another.